costumeAh, complete with procurements in hand, I return semi-victorious from my jaunt at the Infinite Record Convention. Semi-victorious only because being schooled in the finer arts of music during that delightful decade of the 80s, one can’t help but notice how out of fashion that era’s music has become. Nevertheless, I did not come home empty-handed.

First item on the agenda … scout the place out to get the lay of the land. Pretty easy as the room is fairly small and efficiently spaced. Just one lap around the room indicates that one side is strictly devoted to vinyl, one dealer has a large supply of out of print, first edition CDs, and a few others have somewhat ample supplies of various other CDs. Upon first glance, its obvious a few of these people are just shoppers such as myself, only on a larger scale. I made a killing when heavy metal died, record companies went belly-up, and the cutout bin was the best friend a metalhead ever had. Only prob was there, I could get a CD for $3 or less … these people were charging $6-8 minimum. In any event, I had ample supply of discounted metal CDs on hand, so there was nothing that really warranted the expense.

Moving onward to the OOP vendor … pretty interesting collection here. I walked in with a freshly dispensed $60 with the intent to maybe spend half of it. So what do I see first? An ultra-rare CD of Rough Cutt Wants You. Rough Cutt being one of my fave no-hit wonder metal bands of the 80s, this would normally be a no-brainer. Their first CD got the luxury of a posthumous re-release, but this second release of theirs was only released on CD once, and in Japan at that. So it was more than understandable that the price tag was a staggering $50. It pained me to leave it there. I so wanted to strike up a convo with the dealer and then point behind him and say: “Look, over there … what’s that?” … and then run. If only it were that easy. There was a nice copy of Vandenberg’s first release on CD for only $20 that I registered as my backup if I wanted to get something I needed in my collection.